Bromantane powder (5g)

5 gramos de Bromantane


What is Bromantane?

Bromantane (trade name Ladasten) was developed in Russia in the late 1980s and possesses both stimulant and anxiolytic properties. Bromantane primarily inhibits the reuptake of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, formerly used to enhance athletic performance. Scientific studies have shown that it is effective in treating asthenia disorders, and also in stimulating the immune system.

The time required to achieve the maximum concentration of bromantane in the blood bromantane is 2.75 hours in women, and 4 hours in men. It is metabolized in the liver, but its elimination occurs mostly through the adrenal gland. Bromantane metabolism is characterized mainly by hydroxylation in the sixth position of the adamantan cycle.

The mechanism of bromantane action is based on the facility to increase the activity of the lower centers of the central nervous system (the hypothalamus nuclei, the reticular nuclei of the operculum, and the hippocampus). It does not exert any expressed action on noradrenergic mediators but implements the activation properties through the dopaminergic system. Bromantane strengthens GABA-ergic mediation, reducing gene expression, supervising the synthesis of GABA-transporters, and functioning as a return capture mediator.

Bromantane benefits

  • Improved energy;
  • Increases in cognitive abilities;
  • Increases in physical capabilities;
  • Anxiolytic effects.

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Bromantane powder (5g)


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