N-acetyl semax Amidate 300 mcg (spray)

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Spray de 30 mg de N-acetyl Semax Amidate (100 aplicaciones de 300 mcg aproximadamente)


What is N-acetyl semax amidate?

N-acetyl semax amidate is a modified version of Semax with increased bioavailability and stability. It was developed in Russia and approved for the treatment of stroke, brain damage, and cognitive degeneration. It is also prescribed as a nootropic peptide following the realization that it can also play a crucial role in improving memory performance and in reducing stress.

Semax increases brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels and effectiveness. BDNF are proteins that promote overall brain health by protecting and strengthening your brain cells, promoting brain cell growth, and promoting overall brain malleability. Increased BDNF levels enhance cognition in many users, and Semax has proven to be a perfect example of a potent BDNF-strengthening nootropic peptide.

Several medical and research studies have shown that Semax had a significant impact on restoring the rate of damaged neurological functions and that it reduced liver enzyme production when administered to animals – which helps reduce stress and relieves pain.

N- acetyl semax amidate benefits

  • Eases ADHD symptoms by improving memory and increases neurotransmitters, which are usually low in individuals who have ADHD;
  • Prevents oxidative damage;
  • Helps to reduce stress;
  • Enhances blood circulation;
  • Increases the Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF) levels;
  • Improves memory retention;
  • Helps in relieving pain.

Product presentation

N-acetyl semax amidate spray (30mg)

(100 applications of approximately 300mcg)

Scientific studies


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